Vintage Candy and Such…


That was one of the first prefixes for my phone number that I remember. Madison 4. And one of my best friends was a Tennyson 8. And there was Cheney 4. It was harder to remember phone numbers when they switched to all numbers. And now we have area codes we have to remember even for local numbers. If you can get someone to actually answer their phone. Some people I know don’t answer their phone if it rings. But they will look at a text message and text right back. What is up with that? I remember days when I would spend hours (yes…hours) on the phone without getting interrupted with a call waiting beep. There was no call waiting. And you always answered the phone…and never knew who it was. No caller ID either. And I always liked a number with lots of zeros. Those numbers made the most noise with a rotary phone. Irritating, though, when you misdialed one of the last numbers and had to go through all that dialing again. And I always wanted a Princess phone. And that has nothing to do with a Disney character on a phone. And then I wanted one that had push-buttons. Way cool. And a long cord. So I could walk around while I talked. My son continued to walk his “loop” even after we went cordless. Like an elephant and a chain. Phones have always been a pretty big part of my life. I’m of that generation, I guess. And now I want an iPhone. Can’t wait until I have a phone that takes great photos! Maybe I could get it to sound like a rotary phone when I dial. I bet there’s an app for that…

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One Response to Vintage Candy and Such…

  1. bev says:

    This is vintage. So many of your incredible photos now are coming off that iphone. Our phone number was cherry…had forgotten all about that.

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