Friends and Such…(Part One)


Those that know me know I moved from Western Oregon (the Portland area) to Nashville, Tennessee…Music City. I love music. Most music. I, unfortunately, am not musical. I was never able to learn how to read music. Even private piano lessons were wasted on me. So my parents traded in the used piano they bought (with the intention of me learning to play) for a bicycle. A Stingray…banana seat and all. It was a good trade. And I still love music. My new friend, Kailey, played her violin in Edwin Warner Park for me. She was accompanied by birdsong. It sounded like Heaven…

 20130222-_GSS0049_3    20130222-_GSS0048  20130222-_GSS0059 20130222-_GSS0090




And THEN…we went for coffee at one of my favorite Nashville coffee places…The Barista Parlor. A wonderful end to a great morning…


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One Response to Friends and Such…(Part One)

  1. bev says:

    Love this series of images.

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