Ghosts and Such…

This past week-end was Blue and Grey Days at the Carnton Plantation. There was a small battle re-enactment along with soldiers from both sides, hence the Blue and Grey. Even President Lincoln was there! I’m excited to be living in a part of the country so full of the history that captured my interest growing up. I’ve taken the Carnton tour twice and it is well worth the time if you are in the area. I’ve also visited the Confederate Cemetery that’s there several times as I have a real love of old cemeteries, and this one has such an interesting history. Also worth checking out.

So I’ve come to Blue and Grey Days to feed my History Jones and take photos. I’m there for 19 minutes (digital time stamping is cool) and my 29th image is of a young Confederate soldier coming from between two trees playing a violin as he walks towards me.

He is playing the most somber, heart-wrenching rendition of When Johnny Comes Marching Home that I have ever heard. Ever. And he’s walking so slowly…and it’s like he’s aware of nothing else around him, until he looks up and sees me taking his photograph. He stops walking, but keeps playing. I had taken a total of four shots and approached him and asked if I could take a close up.

He looked at me with pale, grey eyes and nodded. So I took two quick photos and thanked him. He tipped his head slightly, quietly said, “Thank you, ma’am” and he slowly walked past me toward the smokehouse. I had taken six images in a span of 35 seconds. I was there another 1-1/2 hours and never saw him again. I checked every.single.image after I got home, looking for him. Those mournful strains of When Johnny Comes Marching Home are still echoing in my head…

I’ve heard it said that Carnton Plantation is haunted by a woman in the house. Could there be another spirit that wanders the plantation and the adjoining cemetery…still looking to find a way home? Who am I to say…  But the next time I go there, I will be still and listen, straining to hear the notes of that violin…

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3 Responses to Ghosts and Such…

  1. bev says:

    Love Lincoln and the fiddler and of course the story behind the images.

  2. Margie says:

    His eyes. That look. He was there.

    I wonder if all those boys and men that died that day know that there are people who still cry for them? Carrie McGavock knows.

  3. Beautiful story… very touching. x

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